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Our goal is to present and finance think-tank productions.

( More broadly : to facilitate and accelerate the diversification, birth, adoption, circulation, coalition and success of ideas. )


Think-Tanks’Media is registered as a SASU in Paris.


Our 12 websites :

Think-Tanks’Guide : a think-tank directory.

Think-Tanks’TV : a web TV.

Think-Tanks’Press : an online newspaper.

Think-Tanks’FM : a web radio.

Think-Tanks’Events : a think-tank event calendar.

– Think-Tanks’Jobs  ( upcoming )  : to list think-tank job offers.

Think-Tanks’Work : a think-tank search engine.

Think-Tanks’+ : a news agency.

Think-Tanks’App : a newsletter for political leaders.

Think-Tanks’Solutions : to help public affairs stakeholders in their relationships with think-tanks.

Think-Tanks’Fund : dedicated to think-tank fundraising.

– Think-Tanks’Blog  ( upcoming )  : focusing on the ongoing academic research on think-tanks.